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Dr. Josh K. Wright

Professor. Author. Social Commentator.

Recent Work

Host of the NPR Podcast, "WOKE HISTORY"

Episode 1: Black In Place

Dr. Brandi Thompson Summers

Listen Below:


Episode 2: Keeping It Real With Jeannie Mai

Listen Below:


Radio Show Host: UMES 30

Ep. 11–Earl Lloyd, The First African American To Play In The NBA

Click Here To Listen(Original Air Date 2/10/2019)

Ep. 18–U.S. District Judge George Hazel
Click Here To Listen
(Original Air Date 4/7/2019)


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Joshua K. Wright, Ph.D., is an associate professor of history in the Global Studies Department at Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC. He teaches courses in American History, Black Studies, International Affairs, and Political Science. He is the author of Wake Up, Mr. West: Kanye West and the Double Consciousness of Black Celebrity (2021) and Empire and Black Images in Popular Culture (2018). Dr. Wright also hosts “Woke History,” a new podcast series streaming on the National Public Radio (NPR) One app.